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Pasquale & Nicola Di Palma were both born in Naples, Italy, in a little town called Brusciano.

Since they were little, the two brothers both loved to cook. After school, they had a routine of going to a trattoria called Zoppicone. The restaurant is still there today. The kitchen used to be run by the mother, and her only son Antonio (a friend of the Di Palma's) worked as a helper. When Pasquale & Nicola would show up after school, they would help in the kitchen and in the dining room. This paved the way to the brothers' opening of their first restaurant called Pub Italia. Pasquale was 16 and Nicola was 18 years old when they began their restaurant adventure.

Nicola was the first to make the journey to America in 1991. He started working for a restaurant in Livingston, NJ, until moving to Belleville. Nicola cooked and managed this restaurant. When business picked up and he needed additional help, Nicola called his brother Pasquale to come to the USA. Pasquale began working with Nicola.

After a few years, they decided to open their own restaurant. This begins to story of Regina Margherita (Queen Margherita.) From day 1, the restaurant was successful. Six years later, the business is still going strong.

In 2007, the bakery Aromi Di Napoli was opened as an addition to the restaurant. Their uncle Sal Di Maiolo joined the team as the baker for Aromi Di Napoli. Three years later, the bakery is going strong. Every holiday, there is a line around the block for fresh Italian pastries and fresh Italian bread.

In 2009, yet another addition was made to the Di Palma family, a new restaurant called Piazza Margherita, in Lyndhurst, NJ.

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